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Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + GAT Out of Hell Standard Edition - Xbox One


  • You've helped them rise from the Third Street Saints gang on the mean streets of Stilwater to the high-rises and penthouses of Steelport while becoming a major worldwide crime syndicate. Now, set your sights on the ultimate prize for control of the free world — the office of President of the United States. But with most ventures involving the Saints, there is a wrinkle in the plan. When a horde of intergalactic aliens invades Earth, you and your fellow Saints become trapped in an insane simulation — an alternate Steelport. Will you be able to fight back against your otherworldly captors and break Zinyak's mental grasp on your fellow Earthlings? The destruction is more explosive, the weaponry is more powerful, the storyline is more bizarre and the superpowers are more — wait, superpowers? That can mean only one thing — the Saints are back for another chapter of the thrilling, volatile and insane saga in Saints Row IV. Abducted by intergalactic aliens, the Saints must fight to free themselves and humanity from Zinyak's mental hold. Arm yourself with an arsenal of alien weaponry and technology to unleash deadly and destructive thrills. Learn, harness and channel unbelievable superpowers to fight your way to the top. Leap over tall buildings, speed past the fastest cars or toss your enemies about willy-nilly with telekinesis. Go for another term in office as the popular Saints Row installment comes to the new generation of consoles with this Re-Elected edition. Featuring a fully remastered Saints Row IV, you can lock and load for explosive entertainment, zany antics and even more fun with enhanced special effects, improved characters and renderings and social gaming enhancements. Plus, when you re-elect the Saints, you'll receive all previously released DLC in addition to the new Gat Out of Hell expansion. Get ready for the craziest and most explosive Saints storyline yet.

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Product Information

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  • FeaturesRe-Elected Take on the crazy antics and action-packed excitement of the Third Street Saints in this version of Saints Row IV that features all previously released DLC and the new Gat Out of Hell expansion

    Saints Row Return to the thrilling adventures of the popular installment, which has been fully remastered to take advantage of the power of the Xbox One console

    Blast away enemies with enhanced special effects, and become immersed in the storyline thanks to improved characters and renderings

    Showcase your own explosive gameplay with the integration of social game-streaming tools, and control the on-screen action with voice commands

    Become elected President of the United States and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime — Saints style

    Fight to free yourself and humanity from an out-of-this-world alien invasion that finds the Saints trapped in a bizarre Steelport simulation

    Unleash unbelievable superpowers like the ability to leap over buildings, outrun sports cars or use telekinesis to toss your enemies about like rag dolls, and wield amazing alien weaponry to deliver powerful destruction against your captors

    Battle the alien Zinyak's mental hold on the world to save your Earthling brethren

  • DetailsEdition : Standard Edition

    Game Franchise : Saints Row

    Starter Pack : No

    Subscription : No

    Recommended Minimum Age : 17 years

    Game Series : IV

    Color Category : Multi

    Model Number : D2130

    ESRB Descriptors : Blood

    Developer : Volition

    Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts : Not Available

    Product Name : Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + GAT Out of Hell

    Color : Multi

    Genre : First Person Shooter

    ESRB Rating : M (Mature 17+)

    Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor : Not Available

    Brand : Deep Silver

    Publisher : Deep Silver

    Number Of Discs : 1

    Language(s) : English

    Compatible Platform(s) : Xbox One

    Software Format : Physical

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