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Dragon Age: Inquisition - PlayStation 3


  • Dark times have come to Thedas — monstrous dragons cast ominous shadows from above while chaos erupts all around you. What was once a land of peace and happiness is now ripped apart by conflict as the Mages wage bloody battle against their oppressors, the Templars. Someone must restore order to Thedas and put an end to those who seek to destroy the land. It's time to lead the Inquisition — a band of legendary heroes and the only hope of Thedas — and wage a war to end this reign of terror. Dragon Age: Inquisition throws you into the building unrest in Thedas and challenges you and your band of comrades to restore peace to the land. Plunge into the conflict as you become an Inquisitor, lead your companions through a chaotic land and battle massive creatures. Build friendships and rivalries as you engage with a vast group of characters and develop dynamic relationships. Enter a vibrant open world and explore secret caves, expansive plains and rocky coasts and enjoy arresting visual realism, thanks to Frostbite 3. Wield the power to forge your own destiny and that of Thedas itself as your choices and actions influence story outcome and physical aspects of your world. Take control of your gameplay experience by customizing the appearance and abilities of your Inquisitor, companions, outposts and strongholds. Decimate opponents by crafting your forces and developing a unique style of combat. Pre-order Dragon Age: Inquisition to receive Flames of the Inquisition gear with multiclass weapons, including staffs, daggers, greatswords and shields that allow you to destroy any enemy in your path. The dangers are many on this perilous campaign — do you have what it takes to deliver Thedas from the grip of destruction?

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  • FeaturesPre-order Dragon Age: Inquisition and receive Flames of the Inquisition gear with devastating multiclass weapons, including staffs, daggers, greatswords and shields

    Dragon Age Become an Inquisitor and lead a band of legendary warriors on a quest through the to uncover the truth and restore peace and order to the land of Thedas

    Win friends and make enemies as you meet fascinating characters and form dynamic relationships

    Explore rugged terrains and amazing locations in a vast open world with breathtaking graphics delivered by Frostbite 3

    Control your own fate by making decisions that change not only your destiny, but the future of Thedas and the physical landscape

    Adapt your Inquisitor's appearance and abilities with advanced customization options that let you develop a personal combat style, build your forces and companions and establish outposts and strongholds

  • DetailsESRB Descriptors : Blood

    Color Category : Multi

    Model Number : 72935

    Publisher : EA

    Software Format : Physical

    Developer : BioWare

    Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts : Not Applicable

    Product Name : Dragon Age: Inquisition

    Color : Multi

    Genre : Role Playing

    Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor : Not Applicable

    Brand : Electronic Arts

    Compatible Platform(s) : PlayStation 3

    ESRB Rating : M (Mature 17+)

    Video Game Content Included : Full game

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