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TracFone Wireless - $19.99 Basic Phone Card


  • Tracfone's $19.99 plan provides 60 minutes for talk, text and data. 90-day plan. No contract. This service plan can be used to refill your current Tracfone service or be used to activate new Tracfone service.

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Product Information

Product Details

  • FeaturesCompatible with Tracfone service Offers wide-ranging use.

    Provides 60 minutes for talk, text and data Helps you keep in touch with friends and family.

    $19.99 value Ensures flexible spending.

    90-day plan Can be used to refill your current Tracfone service or to activate a new Tracfone service.

  • DetailsManufacturer's Warranty - Labor : Not Available

    Text/Data Usage Supported : Yes

    Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts : Not Available

    Color Category : White

    Carrier Compatibility : TRACFONE

    Model Number : TRACFONE V18 $19.99

    Card Type : Phone card

    Card Format : Physical

    Product Name : $19.99 Basic Phone Card

    Number Of Minutes Purchased : 60 minutes

    Voice Minutes : 60

    Brand : TracFone Wireless

    Card Amount : 19.99 United States dollars

    Days Of Service : 90 days

    Phone Compatibility : Universal

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