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Starbucks - Variety K-Cup Pods (36-Pack)


  • Indulge in diverse coffee blends with this 36-count Keurig Starbucks K-Cup variety pack. It includes nine Veranda Blend light roast pods to complement your mellow mornings, and its nine Sumatra dark roast pods have earthy and herbal notes. The House Blend and Pike Place medium roast pods of this Keurig Starbucks K-Cup variety pack let you enjoy smooth, balanced flavors.

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Product Information

Product Details

  • FeaturesCompatible with Keurig K-Cup coffee brewers Simply insert the K-Cup into the machine, brew, and enjoy.

    Variety flavors pack Contains Starbucks Veranda Blend, Starbucks House Blend, Starbucks Pike Place Roast, and Starbucks Sumatra.

    36 pods Ensure you have plenty on hand for yourself or guests.

  • DetailsModel Number : 5000196358

    Caffeinated : Yes

    Product Name : Variety K-Cup Pods (36-Pack)

    Number Of Pods Included : 36

    Brand : Starbucks

    Pod Type : K-Cup/single serve pods

    Flavor(s) : Variety

    Container Type : Single serve pods

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