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Premium TV Mounting 56" and larger (TV Connect and Setup Included)


  • Have our installers quickly and professionally mount and secure your TV to a wall and connect your TV to your video components. We'll also add an internet-capable TV and video components to an existing wireless network, perform any needed software or firmware updates, and configure up to two smart streaming services like Netflix or Pandora. In addition, we will program the remotes that came with your equipment, configure an existing voice control device for basic TV control commands, ensure that all wires and cables are neatly dressed, and make sure the workspace is clean when we finish. We offer a 90-day limited workmanship warranty on our TV Connect and TV Mounting service.

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  • FeaturesBefore we begin When we arrive at your home, we'll discuss the scope of work to ensure that services purchased meet your needs and expectations. If they don't, we'll recommend solutions.

    Mounting your TV We'll secure the customer-supplied (or manufacturer-included, if applicable) mounting bracket to a standard-frame wall, and mount and secure a flat-panel TV to the mounting bracket.

    Running the cables We'll route your in-wall rated cables for A/V devices through a standard-frame wall (within a single stud bay) and connect the TV power cord to an existing, nonconcealed AC power outlet.

    Setting up your TV We'll connect one new or existing TV to video components (like a cable/satellite box or a DVD/Blu-ray player) in a single room.

    Connecting to a home network We'll add any internet-capable TV or video devices in the room to an existing wireless network, and we'll perform any critical software or firmware updates.

    Setting up peripherals We'll configure up to 2 smart streaming services as needed (Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Video, etc.), configure an existing voice control device for basic TV control commands, and program a manufacturer-supplied remote control.

    Professional look We'll make sure that all wires and cables are neatly dressed and that wire ties are used when necessary.

    Cleaning up After the installation, we'll clean up the work area and remove any packaging your products came in. We'll perform haul-away and recycling if you previously ordered it and it's part of the work order.

    *Our standard mounting service does not include mounting to any surface other than drywall. To order custom mounting, please call 1-800-433-5778.

    This service does not include drilling access holes, hiding speaker wire or any other types of custom wire runs, or moving electrical outlets to new locations.

    *This service does not include connection of audio components, advanced home theater device setup or network setup.

    Also not included is voice control setup outside of basic TV functionality, smart light integration, multi-device control commands or harmony remote integration. Voice control setup can be purchased separately.

    Additional charges may be required for land travel beyond installation coverage areas. Service returns cannot be accepted after installation services are completed.

  • DetailsRequired for Service : Customer supplied TV mount, video components and any cables required for setup. An existing, functional network if network services are desired.

    Workmanship Warranty : We stand behind our services and repairs with a 90-day workmanship warranty.

    Product Name : Premium TV Mounting 56" and larger (TV Connect and Setup Included)

    Brand : Geek Squad®

    Scope Of Work :  TV Connect & Mounting 51" & Larger
    Connection, setup and mounting of one TV 51" & larger:

  • Secure TV to standard wall concealing A/V cables in single stud bay (if applicable)
  • Connect TV to video components in a single room
  • Add TV to existing wireless network
  • Wires and cables neatly dressed and wire tires used as necessary
  • Remove all packaging materials

  • Estimated Time to Complete Service : 95 minutes

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