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L.O.L. Surprise! Sparkle Series with Glitter Finish and 7 Surprises


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  • DetailsUnbox 7 sparkly surprises with L.O.L. Surprise! Sparkle Series. Fan favorite characters come in sparkly new outfits with glitter hair. 7 Surprises! (1) Secret Message, (2) Stickers, (3) Bottle, (4) Shoes, (5) Outfit, (6) Accessory, and (7) L.O.L. Surprise! Sparkle Series Doll Feed or bathe doll to discover water surprises! Collect all 12 characters!

  • BrandL.O.L. Surprise!

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Product Reviews

  • Walmart reviews
  • She finally got Unicorn!!!!

    I got my daughter 3 of these Glitter lol dolls for her birthday party and she absolutely freaked out when she say Unicorn and Glamstronaut. She wants more for Christmas, so I will definitely be buying more!
  • Best glitter dolls yet!! 3 yr old loves them!!!!

    Love love love!!!! Best glitter series yet! We were lucky enough to be there the first day they were in our store got the first one off the shelf and it was unicorn! My daughter was so happy! We also have glamstranont and showbaby and they are awesome! They made my daughter more happy than ever and she plays with them every day she is 3. She has around 50 pets and dolls but the glitters are always her favorite!
  • Series 3 with glitter!

    These are just like the bling series but with way more glitter! The glitter will come off all over the place so I suggest a light mod podge to keep the glitter on. These dolls are from the series 3 collection which my daughter didn't get since she wasn't too into them at that time so now she can have the select few with glitter!
  • LOL

    What little girl doesn't like LOL think the manufacturer over prices these items and it's sad that a lot of little ones can't afford but my daughter spends a great deal of time playing make believe and loves the color changing
  • So pretty!!

    My daughter was so excited when I gave her the sparkle series. She is a huge fan of Lol dolls. She loved opening all the layers and unboxing her glitter lol doll! Definitely recommend this series because the dolls are so sparkly and pretty!
  • Great Item!

    Great item! Comes in ball like bling series which is great for dust free display! Series includes 12 great dolls that were originally part of series 3 which includes punk boi and unicorn. Not much more you can ask for!
  • Loove Them So Much!

    I'm an adult collector and think the new series is so sparkly and super cute! The outfits are unique and love all the extra accessories! I got show baby and go-go girl! Cant wait to get more!
  • Stocking Stuffer

    Kids love these LOL's should be fun with the Sparkle Series
  • Perfect and inexpensive birthday gift.

    My daughter Absolutely LOVES it. She carries it everywhere..
  • missing clothing

    Received this item but it did not come with any clothes. Returning it was a pain and we have yet to receive a replacement.