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LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hall of Armor 76125 Building Kit - Tony Stark Action Figure


  • 76125 Conf-IRON MAN

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  • Description76125 Conf-IRON MAN

  • DetailsBuild Tony Stark's Iron Man Hall of Armor with a rotating podium, detachable modules that can be combined and stacked in many different ways, plus a posable Igor Suit mech with minifigure cockpit and mobile robot toyThis fun Marvel building toy includes 5 minifigures: Iron Man MK 1, Iron Man MK 5, Iron Man MK 41 and Iron Man MK 50 (plus Tony Stark face and hair elements to attach to your chosen Iron Man suit) and 2 Outrider action figuresIron Man Hall of Fame lab measures over 5 inches (13 centimeter) high, 13 inches (35 inches) wide and 6? (17cm) deep with modules in standard formation; Igor Suit Mech measures over 3 inches (9 centimeter) high, 1 inches (5 centimeter) long and 3 inches (9 centimeter) wide524 pieces Iron Man toy superhero toy set for boys and girls aged 7+ and for fans and kids of all agesThis LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hall of Armor 76125 building set for kids can be built together with all other original LEGO creative toys and LEGO bricks for imaginative playRecreate exciting action scenes from the Marvel Avengers movies with this buildable superhero toy

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  • really cool set !

    Once I saw this set I had to get it...such a great homage to Iron man with some great exclusive Minifigures... it's kinda a repetitive build but it's still fun to put together..the Minifigures are printed extremely well and even the Igor suit isn't as bad as some people made it out to be... it's a nice build and you don't have to use it if you don't want to...my only complaint is that it's a bit pricey but I'm still satisfied with what I got out of this set.its definitely an instant classic..
  • Awesome! But yet could be slightly better.

    Love how this turn out! An awesome play set with lots of beautiful minifigs! But I think it could be even more perfect if there were more sticker decals depicting the minifigs included in the set or even a few belonging to other sets. There's a decal that belongs to Mk5 and that's beautiful! A little more would make this flawless.
  • must buy otherwise you'll regret it!!!

    about time lego made iron man armoury, highly recommended. 10x10 is my plan. loads of variant ironman suits. i hope lego makes new ironman suits.
  • I am Iron Man...

    Overall this set is fantastic. The building experience was repetitive at points, but I didn't mind. The finished product all built looks great. The three new Iron Man mini-figures all look amazing! I was really happy to put my LEGO Iron Man collection of mini-figures on display. Would recommend for a fan of LEGO and or Marvel.
  • Endgame is coming

    i got this set yesterday right when it came out and i have to say i was not very disappointed with it. When i first looked at the box i thought this was going to be another one of those really bad marvel sets that they have. But once i opened the box i knew this was not going to disappoint. The characters are amazing. This just gets me more excited for the movie. Good job Lego!
  • House Party!

    This set is awesome! The minifigs are great, and the ability to customize your 'Hall of Armor' is pretty darn neat! This set pairs up great with the 'Malibu Mansion Attack' set as well for display. Igor is a great piece in person, as the photo makes you a little weary of how he turns out. Great to sum Dum-e again as well!
  • Another Super Superhero Set

    Well me and my son have both had our eye on this set since the images appeared and it did not disappoint. The hall of armour itself is not the most exciting build but was engaging enough for my son (3 years old) to help me throughout. The look of the build when complete is great, it really captures the feel of the hall of armour from the movies. I like the way the set is made of the interlocking sections so you can change the look of it with real ease. This also really helps when it comes to displaying the set, as you can fit it to the space you have. The minifigures are the stars of the show here. They are printed with such awesome levels of detail that the more you look the more you see. It is so nice to finally get a MK1 suit and it is well worth the wait. I love the printed Stark industries logo detail on the back. It is a wonderful addition to any Ironman fans collection. The playability in this set is also fantastic with many hours of play had already. My son has been changing the layout, adding other Ironman suits, adding it to the Malibu mansion set and we have been besieged by wave after wave of Outriders. That all happened just this afternoon. I can't wait to see what he has in store for it in the future. I feel this set is a must for any Avengers fans out there.
  • A Great and Amazing Set

    This set I really like alot and thought we would never get as a Lego set I like the Mark 1 Mark 5 Mark 41 all 3 are great Iron Man figures the Mark 50 is also is a great add on even though it came out in the Infinity War sets last year the 2 Outriders are ok figures but I wish we got some other Iron Man suits to replace them also the Igor Suit is somewhat of a good build as well and a good add on in this set I also like Tony Stark's desk which is cool with some holographic images from past Marvel films.I can see this being a very popular set and both Lego and Marvel fans will buy multiples of to add all their Iron Man figures to and make an awesome collection.
  • You should have shirts in your closet Tony.

    This is honestly my favourite set from this series, despite the cons. Which are mainly, I would have preferred 2 more iron man suits to 2 more outriders. And 2 more compartments for the suits instead of the igor suit. So it'd be a full tribute to starks lab where he spent a majority of his time. This being said, I LOVED taking the spit from the iron man poly bag to recreate the scene where his helmet was coming to complete the suit. (I should have used a regular iron man suit instead of the endgame one lol) MK1 being included is an amazing feature. Quick build, and fun to position.
  • Great set

    Great set, minifigs I've wanted for years and I've finally got em. It's a great build, love it, but a few things could of been changed, like the mk38 Igor build could of been alot better, and the mk50 armour should of been the mk85 instead. But it was a fantastic set, it sold out quick, lucky I got 2 before it was, i recommended it to friends and they love it too. :)